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Hi I’m Sonny.  I decided to narrow my focus to seller financed real estate transactions.

I built this site in 2009 with the intention of using it locally to sell off a few of our rental homes when it was difficult to get a good price with cash or traditionally financed transactions. Installment sales are also more forgiving on taxes. Which is why many folks prefer to sell with owner financing vs a cash sale.

Sometimes you can charge a nice premium above appraised value due to limited supply of homes offering terms. Properties offered with owner financing can be structured to sell for whatever monthly payment the buyer can afford. To learn more about selling on terms go visit your local buy here pay here car lot or a rent to own furniture store. You emulate what they do and simply get the correct documents for owner financing

Many investors actually find homes with no equity where the owners current or close to current on payments, but want to get out .  There is very little competition in finding properties with no equity that the owner no longer wants and cannot afford the normal and move on. Expenses to sell with an agency can put the seller upside down due to commissions and seller paid closing. Total selling expenses can be as much as 10%.

You help these folks by finding someone to take over payments and then keep their down payment as your profit. A few of us have been doing this for years and earning nice chunks of cash with no risk. A true Win-Win.

Some fancy webinar heroes are selling courses with catchy names like “mortgage assignment” or “option auctions” for $995. Guess What? You just learned all you need to know except how to fill out the documents right here for free!

I am this sites number one seller because every time a rental goes vacant I offer is with seller financing. Sometimes I get a renter sometimes I get a “tenant buyer” either way “using this site I am always able to fill up properties and keep those monthly checks coming in.

Recent Closings / Rentals:

Wimauma, FL – Manufactured Home on 2.4 AC 89,900 Owner financed with small down payment plus First Time Buyer Rebate

Port Richey, FL Single Family Home, 94,900, Owner Financed with small down payment plus first time buyer rebate

Port Richey, FL Single Family Rental Home, Rented 850 per month

Gulfport, FL, Single Family Rental Home, Rented 750 per month

Clair Mel, FL, Single Family Rental Home, Rented 900 per month

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