Private Money – Hard Money an alternative to seller or bank financing

Have you picked out a home and been turned down by traditional lenders? Is this why you are here searching for creative options? They are available but special terms are typically limited to specific houses.

The owner does not need to receive an all cash payment and will accept installments sometimes referred to as terms. We encourage owners, individuals and banks to list these properties on our website. The supply is very limited and in many cases these homes need repairs. You may have to settle or find another way if you need a perfect move in ready home.

Alternative lending for any home on the market

Creative terms will usually not work if you want to purchase any house on the market or if you already have you heart set on a specific house where the seller is not flexible and will only accept all cash.

One of the biggest barriers is being able to qualify for traditional bank financing for a home purchase. There are thousands of previous and first time buyers out there that want to buy a house while prices are low and more affordable.

We understand this and that is why this site was created. Owner financing is surely the answer for some potential buyers who can afford monthly payments and a down payment.  But who do not qualify for traditional or mortgage loans.

The main issue I have seen from users of this site is that there are only a limited number of properties available for sale with owner financing.

A great alternative to owner financing is private hard money mortgage funds. Rates and fees are higher but the credit guidelines are much easier to qualify for, you can get a less expensive cash price on any house.

If you cannot find a house you like with owner financing then why not contact a private lender or mortgage broker to assist you in financing a bank owned foreclosure or other discounted property. With the discount and a down payment you could get financed no matter what you credit rating is.

There are even some banks that are doing portfolio lending and private investment companies purchasing homes and leasing them to own.

If you need help with finding a property or getting a home or business financed contact us for assistance or a referral.

Contact info: cscollova (at) – put this website address in the subject line of your email.

call or text 813-421-2663

Sellers are welcomed to contact us for assistance in marketing properties too!

Sellers can use hard money to get mostly cash on the sale and avoiding having to owner finance the full purchase price to a new buyer.