I Love It When A Plan Comes Together Buyers & Sellers In Our Case

Of the many properties I manage for my investor partners recently all of them have been owner financed or lease optioned to visitors of this website.

About a year ago I was searching for websites that specialized in lease options and owner financing. Amazingly there were very few and none that I really liked and of all those that I did find and pay to advertise on only one generated any calls (leads) with no sales made from any of those ads overall.

Determined but new to websites and internet marketing I decided that I would build this site just so I had a good place to advertise my own rentals, lease options, rent to owns and if the down payment is right owner financed contract for deeds and sometimes regular mortgage notes.

We still have turnover but our real buyers are sticking to the plan we helped them with and things have gone very well considering the current real estate market.

Where the plan really seems to be falling into place is that sellers are finally coming to terms with the fact that their house just will not sell at a “fair” price for cash. And Conventional or even FHA financing are almost impossible to qualify todays pool of buyers.

So we are starting to expand this website from selling and lease optioning not just our own properties but web visitors’ properties too. Sellers this means you!

If you have read down this far hopefully you are starting to gain some hope and confidence that all is not lost and maybe there is another simple yet almost always overlooked solution to selling your home. Don’t sell it! Lease option it with our help.

This year I am making it my mission to grow this website from my little place on the web in Tampa to sell my homes and houses to “The place on the net to sell and owner financed or lease option rental property”.

We already have an affiliate in Miami and are expecting some Miami area owner finance lease option ads to roll out next.

California owner finance lease option houses will follow Miami.

We have affiliate opportunities available everywhere and everything is negotiable for those that get in early hint hint just send me an email or something.

We are going to be the best at adding value to unwanted or hard to sell homes that have taken a hit the last few years.

While we may just look like another niche place to advertise your for sale or rental property. We are a whole lot more.

We ARE 16 years in the streets real estate experience at your finger tips. This is not our first hard to sell real estate market. We are the place to get answers to all of your “rent to own” selling and buying questions.  I want to use my experience to pay it forward and help you find a real solution to your real estate buying or selling problems. All of this site and my personal ” what I would do if it were me”  advise will be shared openly and freely for as long as it takes to find a realistic solution FOR YOU.

Share your comments positive or negative (really)…..

Make sure to connect with me on Google Buzz, Twitter, and Facebook my user name is SonnyCollova.

OH i forgot to mention we have a buyers list that keeps GROWING faster than I find them houses which is your ultimate goal.

If you are a seller able and willing to accept monthly payments instead of all cash contact me today before your buyer finds a seller that called me yesterday time is limited first come first serve.

Tired of talking to people that just waste your limited amount of time. Sign up as an agent if you are a seller or realtor and just list your property free for a very limited time. I personally guarantee you will not be wasting your time placing your ad on our site. And if you are still not convinced (or just lazy) then email me your ad and I’ll put it up for you then email you a the link when finished just to prove ourselves before you have to spend time signing up. cscollova [at] gmail dot com.

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  1. Frederick Patterson says:

    Just getting started very interesting site for creative financing.I would like to sell houses in the near future on your site.