Earn 12% -15% Interest

You can even use your own self directed IRA. Here is an article about Hard Money from Entrust a self directed IRA company.

Many of our clients use Entrust as the custodian for their self directed retirement accounts .

Would you like some assistance ant no cost to the cash / IRA investor? Give is a call or Text 813-421-2663

We currently have and Need….

We currently have $110,000 available for a residential private hard money loan . Terms are unusually good 10% interest fixed for 30 years. Borrower / Buyer should have 30% down payment or equity. Call to apply for this money 813-421-2663. We can do one loan or split into two. We only have 110K with these exceptional terms and no balloon.

Cash Investors- We have a need for 165,000 to refinance a Brooksville FL Mobile Home Park.16 spaces. The Tax assessed value of the collateral is over $300,000. Park is rented with great cash flow.