OwnerFinanceLeaseOption.com was created to bring real estate tenant-buyers and landlord-sellers together so they can make a win-win transaction.

We’ve helped buyers, like you, find a home with financing in this extremely tightening credit market.

We have helped lots of investors, landlords, and sellers to find buyers eager to occupy vacant houses for excellent cash flow in less time than many other selling methods.

Users of this website can buy, rent to own, lease option, and sell houses on terms or contracts without worry of qualifying or bank underwriting guidelines.

Sellers will see more traffic and sell homes faster with owner financing. Sellers that may have otherwise taken a huge discount for a cash sale are able to get market value for their homes and can still sell the mortgage note for cash after closing if desired.

Sellers that want all cash can still make creative use of our site. Once a home is sold on payments some or all of those payments may be sold and converted into cash. A good note buyer can even give a quote prior to contracting to sell to a tenant buyer on payments. The seller will know how much cash they can get from a sale.

Many tenant buyers will want to try before they buy. Advertising your rental homes here can get longer term tenants that may end up buying your rental house.