Shoppe Keep 2 is whimsical business management

Shoppe Keep 2 is whimsical business management game that builds on the well received original, introducing online multiplayer and lots of new features to make for a more expansive take on its RPG shopkeeping gameplay.

Playable in single player or online with up to four people, in Shoppe Keep 2 you take control of a merchant in a fantasy RPG, building your retail empire while adventurers are out slaying beasts and getting into trouble. In the game you run your very own adventurers shop (shoppe), where you sell potions, weapon and armor to your customers.

You can choose how you want to run your business, purchasing stock from different suppliers, employing helper bots to automate the shoppe and crafting new products from ingredients. You can even equip your own weapons and armor and go out into the forest, battling monsters to earn some more sweet loot that you can sell in your shop (or wear yourself).

Compared to adventurers who are putting their life on the line for their quests, merchants may seem like they have it easy, but there’s a lot to keep on top of. As well as maintaining your stock, you have to watch out for thieves, fend off barbarian attacks and upgrade your shoppe. Some extra pairs of hands in the form of some online co-op friends may come in handy then and could really help you build your empire. Sign up for the Alpha now for a chance to open shoppe early!

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